We used the office for two years and loved every minute I spent working at it. The cost of running the office was low so I could employ more workers and grow my company faster. We moved our only because we had to employ 12 people and the office at Kosciuszki 107 was too small for us. The landlord and the customer service lady are very helpful. We got back our deposit 3  days after moving out.

Peter Zarow

I do recommend hiring the office to young solicitors like me. After completing my education, my two other colleagues and I set up a small legal consultancy firm. Kosciuszki 107 is perfect location for solicitors and barristers due to its proximity to the court of justice and the prosecutors office. Well maintained, perfectly located and most importantly in hard economic times low cost real estate solution in the Centre of Poznan.  Ivonne

We used the Kosciuszki 107 Office in Poznan because is in the centre of the city so our clients could find us easily and moved out from it only because we needed larger office. The office furniture was provided by the landlord so all I had to do before moving in was to call the utility and telecoms company to tell them that I moved in.

I got my deposit back with no problems.