Office space furnished

The office is furnished with everything a professional office is supposed to have. You can choose the furniture yourself from our Kosciuszki 107 office in Poznan furniture list or you can of course choose to bring your own. There are large desks with pedestals, small desks, locked and unlocked documents storage units, swivel and ordinary chairs and lamps to choose from.

We want to take care of whoever it is moves into this space and part of that is helping them get set up properly as quickly as possible. Whether you are an established operation looking for a new office or you are a start-up company anything that can lower costs will always come in useful. To save you the expense of having to purchase your own furniture we are glad to provide the essential pieces. Your office at Kosciuszki 107 can become a fully furnished office to rent in Poland that will be ready for business from the moment you move in.

If you feel that you want to take your own furniture into this office space for rent, that’s no problem. Just let us know before hand that you will be bringing your own furniture and we will leave the place empty for you at no extra charge.

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